We have a passion for the Open Source Community and enjoy contributing to Drupal. Our vision is to use our powers for the good of the world.

Current Project: Feeds Migrate

What is it?

If you are trying to upgrade to Drupal 8 and have existing content, you probably don’t want to spend hundreds of hours typing in the data and rebuilding the content from scratch. You’d want to use a tool to import the data into your new platform…Feeds Migrate is that tool.

Why it matters?

Drupal Migrate is a current tool that can help you import data, but your tech status needs to be pretty close to expert level to make it work. Feeds Migrate is for tech levels from beginners and up. We believe in working smarter not harder, and having tools and resources available to empower everyone, from any tech background, achieve their goals.

Want to get involved?

Empower everyone to make the jump to Drupal 8. Feeds Migrate, similar to all Drupal projects, is a volunteer based project.

Learn more and join us.

Additional Resources (Coming soon)

  • Event & Talking Point Slides
  • VanDUG Lightening Talk Sept 2018. Link to slides.